Is Your Car Insurance in Jacksonville Enough?

Is Your Car Insurance in Jacksonville Enough?

Most people go with the state required car insurance. This ensures that you meet the basic requirements. However, is it enough? Your car insurance in Jacksonville should be enough to protect you against anything and everything that you could run into. Explore the options that are available to you when buying a car insurance policy.


If you get into an accident, you will be depending on your car insurance to take care of vehicle repairs as well as medical payments. This includes for your car as well as anyone else's car involved in the accident.

In Florida, it is a no-fault state. This means that your insurance policy will take care of your damages. You are also required to pay personal injury protection for any medical bills. If you are found at fault, you might also be required to pay things for the other party.

There are minimum state levels for liability coverage. Anything above and beyond those levels would be your financial responsibility. As such, it makes sense to go above the state levels to minimize the likelihood of paying out-of-pocket if an accident is severe enough that it becomes extremely expensive.

Natural Disasters

The thing about natural disasters is that you can never anticipate them. There could be a hailstorm, a hurricane, flood, or something else that causes damage to your car. Unless you have comprehensive coverage, you would not be protected.

The state does not require you to have comprehensive coverage, which means you would need to add this on your own. Some lienholders require you to have it – and if they don't, it's up to you to add it to your policy when shopping.

Thefts & Break-Ins

A theft or break-in can happen at any time. Someone could break in when your car is parked in your driveway, a parking garage, or even a parking lot. They could break a window and steal contents or steal your entire vehicle. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, the theft might not be covered. This would mean you would be completely out of luck if something happened. Since you don’t want to depend solely on a police report, it’s best to have more coverage in place.

Hit & Runs

A hit and run is covered by uninsured motorist coverage. You can never anticipate a hit and run. It is simply something that happens. It could be on the road when another driver hits you and flees the scene. It could also happen when your car is parked and someone backs into your car or even knocks off a side view mirror.

It’s better to have more coverage than what the state requires. By having more coverage, you can file a claim and know that there is a better chance of the insurance company accepting it.

Anything can happen in Jacksonville. Car insurance will prove you with a lot of protection. The best thing to do is work with an insurance agent who is independent of any one specific company. Let them help you find the best rates and the best coverage to meet your individual needs.