How Landscaping Can Help Your Home Insurance in Jacksonville

How Landscaping Can Help Your Home Insurance in Jacksonville

You want to do everything you can in order to save on home insurance in Jacksonville. One way you may not have thought of is the landscaping throughout the front of your home. Simply keeping it clean and well-kept could be a way to show insurance companies that your home is worthy of lower rates.

Keep the Landscaping Tidy

The landscaping in the front of your home impacts curb appeal. It also impacts what you could end up paying on your home insurance in a roundabout way. When looking at the front of your home, you want to keep the landscaping as tidy as possible. If it looks like an Amazon jungle with vines lying on the sidewalks, it could pose various dangers.

Whether you want people to visit your home or not, it's inevitable that people will come to your front door and knock. If people get hurt on their way to your front door, you could be liable. This is because they are on your property.

Add Lights

Part of your landscaping should involve adding lights. This can be as simple as a porch light or as in-depth as sidewalk lights that help to shed light on the path. When people visit your home, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find their way. The light will make it easier for people to see any obstacles that could be in their way.

As soon as it hits dusk, you have to consider the limited sight people will have when on your property. Adding lights is part of your due diligence as a homeowner.

Prevent Trips and Falls

Your goal is to prevent trips and falls. Otherwise, someone could easily sue you. While your home insurance company protects you against liability issues, you should be trying to avoid them at all costs. All it takes is one person tripping on your property for all sorts of things to happen. They could sue you for their injuries as well as demand a settlement for the time they lost at work and even pain and suffering. That is an expense you don’t want to incur on your own.

When you have more claims, it will end up costing you more on your home insurance in Jacksonville. If you can reduce or even eliminate the possibility of liability claims, it will end up saving you a lot of money on premiums.

Working with an independent insurance agent who specializes in home insurance in Florida makes it easier for you to learn what you can do to your home. They can make recommendations on your landscaping and maintaining your home in a variety of other ways. Call and talk to them so they can help you with insurance coverage and guide you towards more affordable premiums.